Saturday, October 22, 2011

diy onesies with applique.

i am a bit of a complete novice when it comes to sewing as i have been sewing less than a year (i got my sewing machine last christmas). though the extent of my sewing projects have been covers for throw pillows, i decided that i would make a baby present for our new little cousin kenley. 

these were the onesies right out of the package. i got size 0-3 months so that kenley can actually wear them before she grows out of them! 

flower onesie
first, i measured and cut out a 2.5 inch square, a 2 inch square, and a 1.5 inch square of fabric. then i cut out circles from each of the fabric squares. i didn't want perfect circles so the wonky sides were perfect. 

then, i layered the three cut circles, largest on the bottom. i "tested" the flower size by laying it on the onesie before i started sewing in case i needed to cut down the circles. i wanted the flower to be big, but not so big that it took over the onesie completely!

 next, i sewed the circles together. i decided to sew just one stitched circle in the center of the smallest circle. again, i didn't want it to be a perfectly sewn circle. (this was perfect actually because i would still be working on this project if i was required to sew a perfect circle!)

then, i sewed the flower onto the onesie. this was a little tricky as i had only the neck and the bottom of the onesie to put thru my machine, so there was a bit of stretching of the fabric and tricky maneuvering. i basically sewed the same stitched circle as when i originally sewed the three circles together: i would make a short stitch (.5 to .75 inch) and then raise the foot, turn the fabric, and sew another short stitch. 

 for the first onesie i made, i just put one larger flower on. for the second onesie, i put two flowers on that were a bit smaller.

monogram onesie
first, i cut out a "k" (yes, this is the letter "k," it is just sideways. *cock head to left shoulder*).  

 next, i put the "k" on the other fabric and cut a rectangle of fabric leaving a little room around the "k."

 then, i sewed the "k" onto the fabric rectangle (i got lucky and only had to sew straight lines! who knows how this may have ended up had i had a curvy letter like an "a"!). and then i sewed the rectangle onto the onesie right in the middle. i wanted the "k" to be big, but not so big that kenley couldn't wear leggings or a skirt with the onesie and cover up the "k."

and here are the finished onesies!

a big congratulations to kendra, greg & little kenley! (you can find them on kendra's blog).



  1. I LOVE your blog!! And Kenley loves her onesies!! :)

  2. so adorable...i just got a sewing machine a couple of weeks ago and am building up the courage to make a few things!